United Wrestling: Out for Justice

On the 30th June, United Wrestling held its latest show, Out for Justice, at the company’s regular venue in Longton, Stoke on Trent. Being a local promotion, it falls easily into the more pantomime elements of professional wrestling, in no means meant as a bad thing, with easily definable heels and faces designed to entertain the families that make up the crowd.

This doesn’t take away from the talent on show and this is clear from the first match. Bjorn and Scott Skyler give a crowd pleasing warm-up, a qualifier for the Money in the Bank competition, with Bjorn building heat from the moment he steps into the ring. Both men go all in with some nice back and forth shots, mixed with showboating and a few submissions before Skyler manages to lock in the rear naked choke for the win.

Up next, it’s the Tag Champions, The Poison Youth against Tommy Taylor, who has an air of Matt Hardy about him, and returning fan favourite White Tiger. After some good heel work on the mic, The Poison Youth set about dominating their opponents, showing a grasp of ring psychology that’s beyond their years. They work well together, making quick tags and keeping Taylor in their corner.

With that said, it was inevitable, with a title match at the next event if Taylor and Tiger won tonight, who would have their arms raised in victory and despite taking a beating on the outside, once White Tiger gets between the ropes he quickly dominates. There’s still a minute or two of back and forth, and The Poison Youth hit some strong knees and kicks, but it’s the faces who come away victorious – setting up a rematch for next month.

Before a short break, we get a second Money in the Bank qualifier between Kyle Kinsey and Bully Boy Carter. It’s another crowd pleaser, with Bully Boy riling the crowd with his cowardly, in the ropes shtick and a few hard shots traded between the two, notably when Kinsey does a lap of the venue to land a big boot on his prone opponent. In the end, though, we get the first heel win of the night, with Bully Boy using the ropes to get some extra leverage during the pin.

Unfortunately, the intergender tag match that follows the fails to live up to what’s come before. The wrestler’s put on a good show, but some confused story telling (should the face really threaten to punch a woman?) and a few botched moves make it look untidy. It starts well with Ricky and Johnny Alpha taking their fight backstage, while Barbie Rogue and Shauna Shay lock up in the ring but as all four competitors come together there’s a lack of synergy. Ricky and Barbie take the win, but with Johnny holding the Light Heavyweight belt, this is a feud that’s far from over.

This all brings us to the main event, with Alton Thorne putting his Heavyweight title on the line against Johnny Concrete. Concrete instantly gets the upper hand with a cutter but spends too long showboating to take any real advantage, allowing Thorne to fight his way back into the match.

From here on, the action is hard hitting, with neither totally getting the upper hand and Concrete missing the chance to land his Baywatch inspired, slow motion splash not once but twice. Again, this is a match that’s building a bigger storyline, with Thorne clearly having enough and cracking Concrete across the face with the championship. No doubt there’ll be a rematch in the future between these two.


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